Friday, September 7, 2012

Couting Down!!

We had our 38 week check-up on Tuesday and everything looked on track. I have been going every week since around week 35, so I am getting use to the weekly routine. Last week, I got our flu shot, so little O and I would both be protected going into fall and winter. I was dilated a whole pinky last week and I have graduated to 1 cm this week. We had an ultra sound at week 35 and little O is head down and ready. My placenta is on the lower side, so I will have another ultra sound at week 39.

My stomach is measuring around 37 weeks, but from the ultra sound at 35 weeks, he was measuring a couple days ahead of my due date, almost 6 lbs.,  and was at the 50th percentile. They put me on the fetal heart monitor this week to count kicks, heart rate and contractions. At first little O was sleeping, so they had to wake him up using a buzzer like device. It was funny and soon after he started kicking up a storm, I passed with flying colors based on the Doc. I was also shocked to hear the Dr. say I was having a few contractions, because I honestly didn’t feel anything outside of the normal kick and bulges. So now I am slightly worried that I will not know when I am in labor (crazy first time mom thought). I keep thinking the pain will be close to what a kidney stone feels like. I figure I better start keeping track of my BH so I will know if they are getting closer. Did you know they have an app for that??

The nursery is almost done and I can’t wait to share the photos with everyone. We are waiting on some artwork which should be finished hopefully by this weekend. It’s turned out perfect and I think he will love it!

Speaking of pictures… I have been waffling back and forth trying to decide do I do maternity photos or not. I have not done a great job on taking the weekly bump pictures, although that’s not really my personality. When I have asked Paul to take them, I am either in my pregnancy uniform (which consist of a v-neck white tee and his boxers—I know so stylish, but after you get past a certain point you go with what is comfortable) or I don’t like how I look or how he has taken the picture. I would much rather blame it on his photo skills rather than me having a bad hair/face day. What can I say; no one in their right mind would really post a picture of themselves not looking 100% perfect and Elle worthy, right? I have a couple of bump pictures and they are fun to look back on, so I will be nice and share even though they are in no way Glamour shots.

Also, here is a picture from the ultra sound at 35 weeks – the tech said he was mushed in my stomach and had his hand at his face, so it was hard to get a great shot of his face. We have an eye, nose and a cute little mouth that Paul says looks like mine! Next week I have another us scheduled so I am interested to see how scary he looks now!

Here’s to hoping little man comes sooner rather than later! I told Paul starting on Sunday night I was going to Google pressure points on my feet and start playing with my boobs to start contractions! Twelve days and counting!

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