Thursday, January 13, 2011

Party for Baby R

This past weekend we attended a couples baby shower for our friends Christi and Bobby. They are expecting their first baby... it's a boy and the best part is Christi's due date is on St. Patrick's Day.

We along with all of our friends are so excited for Christi and Bobby - the first baby of our group and can't wait for the arrival of baby Langdon. Paul has already promised to bring Bobby beer to the hospital to toast another Irish Holiday. Below are some photos from the Shower that Carolina threw.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Our Christmas Vacation

This year Paul and I both took the week before and after Christmas off, it was a perfect vacation! We caught up on our sleep and were completely lazy the first two days, not leaving the house or getting out of our pj's. We had lots of time for our annual house projects, party and Christmas card. This year we, I mean Paul, painted our guest bedfroom and our little bathroom. He refuses to let me paint for some reason, and I don't complain!

We held our second annual Ginger Bread Making Party with some of our friends. This year did not disappoint, except for I didn't have a working camera for the party, so I don't have many photos to share.

The last three years Paul and I started a Christmas ritual. We wake up and do our gift exchange, drink our coffee with the fire place lit and just enjoy each other before getting ready for our big day of festivities... this year was no different.

Christmas morning we went to Paul's parents to celebrate Christmas with the O'Donohues and have breakfast! This year was special, because we also were celebrating the engagement of Brian and Jessica (Paul's brother). We are so excited and I am happy to have another girl in the O'Donohue clan! Once all the gifts had been blasted open and I had ate all the bacon we were off to visit my parents!

We had a quick visit at mom and dads before we left for lunch at Aunt Cindy and Uncle Larry's house! By this time it was snowing to beat the bandit! It was beautiful and I was like a giddy kid for my first white Christmas!

We had a delicious lunch with the whole family and watched Nanny and Da open their presents as the snow kept coming down. We made it home safe in sound thanks to Paul's truck and the 4x4. We ended Christmas Day on our couch enjoying our new Roku box, that Paul is obsessed with!
Hope Everyone Had a Great Christmas!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The First of Many

After six months of enjoying the blog o' sphere of friends and family and with encouragement from Paul, I have decide to start a blog of my own about our fabulous, but sometimes normal life. This way our friends and family all over the world can keep in touch! I am excited about this new adventure!