Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Two Months

You don’t know until you know.

This is my husband’s new saying when it comes to children; and yes it is true that folks without kids really can’t know until they are experiencing it for themselves. It’s hard to believe that Nolan is two months old already. The time is flashing by and it’s hard to believe that I only have one more month at home with him. My life has completely changed since my little prince has come into this world. I love being a mommy.

The last two months have been wonderful. Nolan is a very happy and content baby. He is growing so big, so fast. My favorite part of the day is in the morning, when he wakes up. I sneak into his room and just watch him lying in his crib, staring around his room. When he spots me his little face lights up and he starts to kick, smile and talk. His smile just melts a mommy’s heart. He is starting to talk so much. I love carrying on a conversation with him.
I am 2 Months Old Guys!

Last week we had his Two Month check-up and everything is going great. He is ranging in the 50-75% percentile. He now weights 12.12 and is 23.5” long.  He got his shots and did great. He was fussy that evening, but the next morning he was back to his happy self. I have really considered spreading out his vaccinations and I might go that route the next time to see how he does. I fear it might be a system overload. I know there are tons of opinions on this matter, but I am going to trust my gut and his reaction on a case-by-case basis.

He is obviously not starving, have you seen his cheeks? I am still solely breastfeeding and it is going great. He gets a bottle of pumped breast milk at least twice a week, normally on the weekends when dad is home. He eats fairly regular, about every 3 hours. Sometimes he naps a little longer and I just let him sleep. The breastfeeding had gone a lot easier than I expected, I do realize that I am blessed, as some moms have a hard time. The only trouble I have experienced is when Nolan sleeps through the night, the next morning I am rather large. I have been lazy about pumping (normally only on the weekends), but I am going to try to commit myself to pumping in the mornings after he first eats. I realize that with me starting work in a month that he may need a bottle more often and I am going to try to do better, after all practice makes perfect.

Dad doing great with the bottle feeding
He has started doing his nights, and I am enjoying getting a good night’s rest. He started about four weeks ago sleeping through the night. He goes down around 9:30 and then wakes up between 6-8 am. If he wakes up around 6, I feed him and put him back down and then we start our day officially around 9. There were a couple of mornings when he woke up around 3 to be changed and eat, and too be honest I did not mind the cuddle time. It’s so special to just nurse him and watch him fall back asleep.  I hope he continues with his nights, but I know this may change.

Waking up from his nap
Our days are pretty consistent, and we have our morning routine down pat. We start the day around 9, he eats while I catch up on my Good Morning America and then he goes down on the play mat while I eat my breakfast and drink my coffee. He then naps either on his play-mat, the bassinet on the pack-n-play or the swing. The rest of the day, just depends on what is going on, sometime we have errands to run and other times we just hang out at the house. He does great during the day and normally naps anywhere to 30 minutes to an hour after he eats and then wakes up when it time to eat again.

He loves his play-mat
In terms of activities, he loves his play-mat. He lays there staring at the lights and animals. He loves to nap in the swing. We owe a big thank you to some friends of ours who are letting us borrow the swing! It has been a life savior. I am trying to get better at tummy time, but I don’t think he likes it, because after about 3 minutes he gets fussy. I try to hold him on my chest during the day for long periods so he doesn't develop a flat/bald spot. The doctor recommended that after every diaper change to put him on his stomach, while I throw his diaper away and wash my hands. I did this religiously at first, but now I am slacking! I need to do better, because he needs to build up his arm strength. He is good with his little head as he was holding it up rather strong at a month old.

Peace Out!

We are starting to get out more, stay tuned for more of our adventures!