Monday, July 9, 2012

June Updates

Blog Update! It has been a busy June for Paul, me and the baby bump! Paul took a new job – still in Charlotte, I had the most amazing shower thrown by my cousins and aunts and Paul and I took a mini babymoon to the beach for a couple of days! It was wonderful.

SHOWER: I have the best cousins and aunts in the world. They hosted the most precious and fabulous shower for me in early June, while my cousin Christin was passing through town to VA. Here are a couple of photos of the décor and the lovely ladies who came! The other big news is that come Christmas time we are going to have three new little ones. Christin and I are due the same week in September and Hilary is due in December! I can’t wait!

BabyMOON: We had a couple of days to get away before Paul started his new job. We stayed in Little River and went to the beach in Cherry Grove. The weather was wonderful…it was not too hot with a great breeze, not this 100 degree weather we have been having ever since. The beach was crowded, but not too crowded. We had a great time eating at our favorite places and being completely lazy! Unfortunately we did not do our annual put-put tournament, because we thought we were going to go back to the beach before little O get’s here…but we are not sure that is going to happen ;( Fingers crossed for a long weekend.

Baby O:
Baby O is getting bigger every week and so am I. My last appointment was on the 25th. I am right on schedule. My weight is getting more and more each visit, and I am trying hard not to freak out. It’s so weird to look down and see this big belly and to struggle to tie my shoes or paint my toes (pedicure please). His little heart beat was strong at 153. He kicks me all the time, to the point where I feel like my belly is going to explode. Even Paul has been amazed at how hard he kicks.  I go back for one more monthly appointment and then we move on to every two weeks! It’s hard to believe this week number 3o! The time has flown by! The nursery is finally coming together. Our Young American crib came in last week and I got a call that our glider came in four weeks early! I am reading two more books and deciding on what classes to take at the hospital…In terms of classes, what does everyone recommend?

WORK Travel:

I have a couple more trips before I get to stop, 3 to be exact, back to Indy, Orland and Salt Lake City. I got lucky a couple of weeks ago, and got to visit Indy for just an overnight trip. Luckily I got to see some family while in town. My cousin Natalie and her fiancé Jeremy came down for the evening and took me out to eat! We had the most amazing meal and I got to experience St. Elmo’s famous shrimp cocktail!

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