Monday, June 11, 2012

Mini Vacation

A Mini Vacation before the Real Vacation

Last weekend was so special for two reasons; one I got to spend the weekend with my mom (girls trip) and two, I got to see my best friend from college get married!

My best friend/college roommate Taylor got married on June 1st!  I remember when I got the text from Taylor with the exciting engagement news! The big day was finally here!
Paul had an exam that Saturday, so I asked mom to join me, I figured it was only fitting because Taylor’s precious mom joined her for my wedding. We brought if full circle, plus our mom’s know how to have a good time.

Mom and I had a blast! It was so nice to get a way for a mini girls vacation. The wedding was on a Friday evening so we left out early Friday morning for the road trip. The wedding was perfect in every sense, from the marsh and big oak tree! Taylor was stunning and my heart skipped a beat when I spotted her and Mr. Floyd coming down the aisle! Like the smart person I am who loves photos, but never takes them, I did not take any photos of myself with Taylor…but the photographer did and I am hoping it turned out great! I did manage to grab a photo with mom and me, baby bump and all; and a picture of Taylor and Matt during their first dance as a married couple!

On Saturday, mom and returned to the I’ON Village and discovered the best breakfast/lunch spot, called The Square Onion. The food was delicious and the customer service was even better! We not only had brunch, but also had them pack us a lunch for the beach! Mom and I took off to Sullivan’s Island for a couple of hours to enjoy the sand beneath our feet. It was beautiful and so relaxing. We ended the evening with a trip into town to walk around and have dinner at Hank’s! The food did not disappoint! Mom had the seasonal salad and the jumbo shrimp and grits and I had the she crab soup and #3 Flounder and Shrimp! We shared the dark chocolate croissant for dessert! Everything was amazing!

Here are the only two photos I took the entire weekend -  lessoned learned - take more photos.

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