Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Hair Do!

On Saturday I made a special trip to one of my favorite places in Charlotte, the Re Salon and Med Spa. I discovered Re a couple of month’s ago and I am in love! Their salon is in the old fire house building off South Blvd. Everyone is super friendly and the salon is so posh! The best part is they serve wine! I am in love with the exposed brick walls and the white shell salon stations. Elizabeth is amazing and my go to expert on my brows and skin, and Andrew is fabulous in the salon. Not to mention they sell Obagi, Jane Iredale, and carry the Phyto line.

Re Salon and Med Spa

Jane Iredale, Obagi Nu-Derm, & Phyto
I have been toying with the thought of changing my hair. I love my length, so I decide to add some color. This was a big decision for me; I have only added color to my hair three times in my entire life. So I stopped in to see Andrew on Thursday for a consult and he suggested two options. One was ombre. This is the new rage in Hollywood with the celebrities; they have dark roots and lighter ends. The second option was to highlight a section just underneath the top of my first layer. This way the color would show through, but my roots would not be apparent. I chose option two! I like the change. It is not super obvious. It shows up more when my hair is curly rather than straight.  Maybe next time I will go with a little color on top. What do you think?

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  1. Ahhh...I miss North Carolina, and we miss you guys. Post a picture of your whole head, silly! The color looks beautiful, but I want to see your gorgeous face, too!