Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Okay, I feel terrible! I have been such a slacker with my blog. Since my last posting I come home every night with the best of intention of updating my blog and I fail. I am back and promise to try harder.

Since I am several weeks behind I will just cover the January highlights.

Let is Snow!
This winter has been very unusual. We have had tons of cold weather and more snow than we have had in years. This last snow was the biggest / deepest thus far. It snowed all day Monday and then we had freezing rain that night. We ended up snowed in for two days, it was great! We tried to make a snow man, but the snow was too dry and we gave up after five minutes, because Paul was using his bare hands; at least he had a coat, toboggan and scarf. And Molly and Nola love the snow! Molly sticks her whole head in the snow and digs like crazy. It is hilarious!

Grab your dancing Shoes
Over the holiday season we received the fantastic news that our friends Chris and Emily got engaged! I think I speak for all of our friends to say, it’s about time and YAY! Emily’s roommates threw her a wonderful engagement party with her friends. I am so excited for Emily and Chris’s big day.

Baby Boy
Over next big event was a baby shower for Christi and baby Langdon. Kellen, Lauren and I hosted the fantastic shower. Actually Kellen and Lauren did most of the work! The shower turned out super cute! And Kellen’s decorations were adorable; she gets the prize in my opinion.

SLC & All the Wanna Be’s
I work in the Sporting Goods Industry and each year, twice a year I travel to Salt Lake City. The best part is of the show is every day at 4:30 the major booths have parties! These parties often include swag give aways, plus free beer, wine or champaign. Here a couple of photos from the show parties. One is from the Columbia Booth and their fashion show. The other is of Tom at the IceBreaker party with the underwear models. Tom, he is a writer and lives in NYC with his fabulous wife Rhonda and their adorable dog Trixi! The other best part of the winter show is the Airport and seeing all the Hollywood Wanna Be’s fly into town for the film festival in Park City. I didn’t make it into town this year, but next year I am staying an extra night and catching a couple of films!

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