Friday, February 25, 2011

Something New and Blue for my office

I am so excited to share with you all a photo of my new office addition! I have been patiently waiting a whole week. Drum Roll………………………………………………………

My New Custom Fit Balance Ball Chair from Gaiam!

I have always thought of myself as somewhat active, Paul may say otherwise, but since I have been working a desk job for the last three years, every night I leave noticing my poor posture, tense shoulders, and that my backside continues to grow/flatten. I am going down hill quick. I am worried I will start to look like the little elderly lady with the hump back in no time.

At my previous employment I was always up and down the stairs or running around a race track, so I was able to be active. Now my daily activities include getting up to go to the printer, bathroom, or the lunchroom! The only true activity I get when working is when I am going through the airport security and running to catch my flight.

After researching and sitting in another colleague’s balance ball chair I decided that I too would make the transition. Thanks to my great friend at Gaiam, I am now the proud mother to my very own Gaiam Custom Fit Balance Ball Chair!

I do admit that I have had to change the way I sit completely, but so far I love it! I can tell a big difference in my posture. It forces you to sit straight, the correct way. The chair will help relieve stress on the spine, prevents health issue related to poor posture, and has little exercises you can do while in your office. I am also hoping the chair will help prevent me from growing an office butt (where your butt starts to spread wide and looses all resemblance to J-Lo or Kim Kardashian).

Anyways — anyone who sits at a desk all day, I highly recommend visiting the web and purchasing your own balance ball chair! Here is another photo via Barnes & Noble

Via Barnes & Noble

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